Boost your Performance with the Most Refreshing Sports Massage Therapy in Dickinson TX

YaYa’s Thai Massage provides massage services for those who enjoy sports. The special sports massage therapy that we offer in Dickinson, TX will surely ease all of your muscle tension, making you ready and invigorated to play more games.

We offer you a professional sports massage therapist who knows the body’s anatomy to ensure your safety. They know how to ease muscle tension and improve your sense of well-being through a sports massage.

Many people who play sports have endured the pain and agony of an injury. Oftentimes, they would over extend some muscles during a game causing it to be strained. Athletes rely on their body to perfectly function during a game, but some don’t do proper stretching and training which usually results to in-game injuries. Each massage therapist can prevent further damage to your muscles by applying the appropriate amount of pressure and speed of stroke for your body’s needs.

There are three basic forms of sports massage. First is pre-event massage which aims to prepare your muscles for the strain that it may encounter during a play. The second is the post-event massage is for the purpose of reducing soreness that you may feel after the game, get rid of lactic acid buildup, and bring back the original blood flow to your muscles. Last of the three is the maintenance massage which is a regular part of training programs, this is aimed to increase the flexibility and range of muscles.

A few examples of sports massage are foot massage, deep massage and trigger point massage. These methods concentrate on the body parts that you use the most while you play. For example: during a basketball or football game, you overuse the same muscles while passing or shooting. In soccer, your leg muscles are surely getting a workout. As a result, there would be tendencies when the muscles in your legs or arms may become sore. So we highly recommend sports massage to help get these muscled back in shape.

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