Relaxing Thai Deep Tissue Massage in Dickinson, TX

Say no more to sore muscles with the help of our Thai deep tissue massage available for our clients in Dickinson, TX.

Fully packed with the refreshing effects of Thai massage and the healing properties of deep tissue massage, this innovation will definitely ensure maximum efficiency to clients who are looking for ways to relax and recover from any muscle injury. Through merging these two types of massage, we are able to create a combination of Eastern and Western massage experience.

There are two choices for this service. The first one is the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. This can be considered an authentic way of having a Thai Massage. Clients who avail this type of massage are put into many yoga-like positions. Slow stretching, rhythmic compressions, and calculated use of acupressure points in the body are being used in order to achieve the deep tissue component of this type of massage. The masseuse also has the option to use oil on the back in order to achieve a more intricate massage job.

Secondly, the Thai Oil Table Massage. This type of massage would mostly consist of strokes and techniques from deep tissue massage; however, the use of acupressure points and rhythmic compressions gives it a taste of the Thai massage. Since this type of massage inclines more to the deep tissue massage, improved blood circulation is one of the specific benefits of availing this massage.

If you want to experience this innovative technique of massage therapy, all you have to do is to give YaYa’s Thai Massage a call. You can reach us through our office number at (281) 967 - 7186. Moreover, we will also be very glad to communicate with you via email; you can send us an email regarding your concerns at . Visit us now and have a new experience through our THAI DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE for anyone in Dickinson, TX and surrounding areas.

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