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Do you sometimes have the desire to reset your body after a hard day's work? If yes, then you should definitely check out our services ranging from Thai Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and even Pregnancy massage, all proven to be effective.

But if you're looking into a massage that would give your body a good jumpstart, then our Thai and Deep Tissue Massage is available to clients in Dickinson TX, is just the perfect thing for you. Read more about their holistic and relaxing features:

Thai Massage

Contrary to the common notion of a massage which includes a generous amount of oil and a lot of kneading, Thai Massage can come as a bit of a surprise to people who are trying this type of massage for the first time.

Thai massage can be dated back to more than 2,500 years and it is believed to be created in India by Buddha’s personal physician named Shivago Komarpaj. Thai massage is closely associated with Buddhism which is why when the religion started to make its way to Thailand, the massage technique also came with and continued to develop in the Land of Smiles.

With Thailand’s strategic location being between India and China, the country was able to be immersed in a continuous flow of information including knowledge about traditional medicine. This has led to an endless improvement of this massage technique which makes it widely known for its health benefits.

It is worth noting that Thai massage can be intense at times and can even be considered as an unpleasant experience. But like what people say, there’s a rainbow always after the rain. You will be experiencing the benefits of Thai deep tissue massage after it has been completed.

All the stretching from the massage will loosen up your joints and muscles giving you a wider range of motion and a sense of freedom. Right then will you realize how refreshing and how much relaxation you can get from a good old Thai massage.

Thai Deep Tissue Massage

Thai Deep-Tissue Massage was actually built on Swedish massage, which utilizes generous amounts of oil to allow smooth and long strokes. This is why these two types of massage are often compared to each other. The kneading used in these massage techniques may seem identical but deep tissue massage actually applies a deeper pressure in order to release muscle tension and relieve chronic pain.

Swedish massage would be your go-to if you're looking into relaxation but if you want to recover from any injury or release deep-set muscle tension, deep tissue massage is exactly what you need.

Deep tissue massage promotes healing by loosening up contracted muscles and tissues in your body. This is done by applying more pressure and reaching the deeper layers of muscles and fascia (connective tissues).

A deep tissue massage often start by warming up the muscles by applying light pressure. From using their fingertips, therapists could now go on using their knuckles, forearms, elbows and walking on your back in order to apply heavier pressure thus, breaking down muscle entanglements that often block blood circulation which is mostly the root of the pain.

Enduring deep tissue massage can give you relaxation and can holistically improve your wellness in the long run.

Although these two have different key techniques and has a distinct purpose and application, their benefits don’t differ that much. Some of these benefits are the ability to lower blood pressure and even lift one’s mood. Perfect for people experiencing upper and lower back pains, sore leg and shoulder muscles and even stiff neck which is common to adults and people of age. Further known benefits is the capability to increase mobility and improve a person’s posture making it the perfect massage for people who have built up a lot of tension in their muscles through years of doing strenuous tasks.

These are just two of the massage techniques that our all-female therapists have authentically mastered. Book with us by calling (281) 967 - 7186 or by sending us an email at . We are located in Dickinson, but our Thai and Deep Tissue Massage is very accessible from League City and Texas City, TX.

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